Full Time RVing and Working on the Road

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by Steven Fletcher:
Earning a living while full time RVing depends a lot on your lifestyle and how much money you need to get along… if you have some pension, have a lot of bills etc. There are as many ways to full time RV as there are full time RVers and as many ways to work while full timing as there are full timers who work. Everyone’s health and abilities and interests are unique and that’s what determines the kind of work they do.

To get an idea of the jobs available for RVers visit Workamper News and Workers on Wheels You will find lots of listings for jobs at both sites. Most of these jobs are in campgrounds and RV parks as managers and maintenance. registration, bathroom cleaning, mini-mart, and grounds keeping. But other kinds of jobs are also listed. Also check out the Coolworks web site. It’s not specifically for RVers but does have jobs for and of interest to RVers.

If you have construction related skills you will have no problem finding work. The park we called nome-base for many years always has several construction workers. Most professional skills will allow you to full time.

There is also seasonal work… that’s what Fran is doing as I write this. She works at the local peach cannery dispatching trucks that haul the peaches into the cannery. The job lasts about three months… July thru September… and pays enough to get work done on the truck and RV etc and put a little in savings. She gets to draw unemployment most of the rest of the year and that, along with a little social security, gets us by. If we manage to pick up a few dollars with an odd job or two that’s all the better.

I know of a couple who ran off and joined the circus… she tutored the circus children. I don’t remember what the husband did if anything.

I knew a young man who was a computer programmer and telecommuted to his job from an RV park in Lake Havasu Arizona.

There is a couple who manage mini-storage lots temporarily until the company can find permanent managers.


Kay Seliskar does professional seminars all over the US. If they can’t drive to the next seminar she flies there. Tom, her husband then often drives on to the next place they want to visit and she flies back to the nearest airport. Tom does photography and is developing a business.

The bottom line is it is easy to find work, or make work, but you might have to be flexible about what you are willing to do.

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